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Looking for Embryos!
September 16, 2019

AMS Genetics is looking for conventional (not IVF) expotable embryos. Embryos are wanted from the following breeds and must be made using SEXED semen: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, and Jersey (genomic pedigrees). We are also looking for conventional (not IVF) exportable embryos from Texas Longhorns and Club Calves using conventional (non-sexed) semen. 

Embryos already in inventory are preferred, however we will consider donors who are ready to flush right away. 

Contact us today with pedigrees, pictures, and pricing information for what you have available.

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Changes in Fertility Evaluations - August 2019
August 12, 2019

Recently the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) released an update regarding the changes in fertility evaluations for the upcoming August proofs. The goal of the changes is to improve the stability of the fertility evaluations. The results of these stability updates will result in a one time drop in the values of the fertility traits, but a more accurate and stable proof in the future. For the full CDCB press release please CLICK HERE